Deep Tissue, Wound and Ulcer Treatment

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Studies have shown that Bio-Synthesis greatly increases healing times and outcomes for deep tissue injuries, wounds and chronic ulcers.

Studies conducted by NASA showed a greater than 50% increase in healing time for deep tissue and open wound injuries suffered by Navy Seals. Click here for study source.

The Department of Bio-technology in Brazil conducted a study of healing outcomes in a group of diabetics with chronic leg ulcers. The group treated with LED phototherapy showed 79% faster healing by day 30 compared to the control group. By day 90, 75% of the treated group had achieved 90% to 100% healing compared to 7% of the control group. Click here for study source.


 Pricing  - 1/2 hour treatments:

  • Four treatments - $280
  • Six treatments - $390
  • Eight treatments - $480

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